Butterfly in a decorated frame

Butterfly in a decorated frame

$85.00 USD

Museum quality taxidermy in a shadowbox will make your real insect taxidermy collection uncommon and outstanding. It is 100% handmade work that includes preserved butterfly and frame. This frame is unique and sold as a single copy.

Specimens that used for mounting passed away their natural way.

OUR MISSION is to retain the beauty of deceased bird eating spiders and share it the whole world.

* Size of the box: 19 cm x 19 cm (7.5" x 7.5")

The item does not need any fumigation or disinfection.
* It will be a great addition to the interior decor of your home or office.

Sorry, we don't sell and ship unmounted tarantulas.

►INSTAGRAM: www.instagram.com/tarantulabox


Taxidermy by Sergey.
Made in 2022, Minsk, Belarus

Butterfly in a decorated frame Image 2 Butterfly in a decorated frame Image 3 Butterfly in a decorated frame Image 4 Butterfly in a decorated frame Image 5
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